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Aerial Yoga

Aerial yoga


We have classes online, to schedule click here:
Drop in classes are $20
*We do not offer refunds on classes due to limited space
Fit Columbia also offers for aerial yoga parties for small groups.  Get together a few friends and give us a call - it's perfect for company outings, team bonding and bachelorette parties.  We offer parties in our studio in Five Points AND on location!  We will bring our silks to your event.  Farm to Table Events Company will also host aerial silks parties at City Roots Farm.  Call us to schedule your party: 803-394-1247

Wear tight fitting, stretchy clothing *no sleeveless tops or running shorts
Do not eat a large meal right before class
Come 10 minutes early so we can fit the fabric to your height
Book your aerial yoga class in advance - they fill up fast

Creates spinal decompression
Relieves spinal pain
Improves blood circulation
Deepens stretches with minimal pressure on the joints
Makes you laugh, lifts the mood and invites a playful state of being
Complements your regular yoga practice by offering assistance to certain yoga poses
The elevation of your body in the silk creates a lengthening of muscles unlike any other kind of exercise
Supports strength building and keeps the body strong, flexible and healthy
Aerial Yoga offers supported and safe inversions which are incredibly healing