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Angie Yong Sellers

Angie Yong Sellers

Owner of Fit Columbia

 Photo of Angie Yong Sellers. Photo by Kathryn Van Aernum

Photo of Angie Yong Sellers. Photo by Kathryn Van Aernum


Angela Yong Sellers is an award-winning fitness expert and the owner of Fit Columbia, an empowering, contemporary exercise studio that offers sports training, stretch therapy, and personal training, as well as a continuously developing array of engaging, tailor-designed classes, such as bungee fitness and aerial yoga. With almost two decades of formal experience in fitness and athletic mentorship under her belt, Sellers is an accredited trainer, coach, and teacher. She is also a professional speaker who has both inspired and challenged clients and audiences for years to enjoy more active and rewarding lifestyles.

Giving Back

Angela believes in helping the Columbia community grow stronger.

Career Highlights

For Angela Sellers, physical fitness has been a lifetime commitment built on an understanding of movement and an active lifestyle. Once a child who climbed trees and loved fishing, then a record-breaking high school athlete who won international tournaments, Sellers grew into a young professional focused on teaching others about strength training, nutrition, exercise physiology, and injury prevention. She served as the Health Enhancement Director at a Columbia-based YMCA before joining the University of South Carolina as their Volleyball Director of Operations; she also taught weight training and spin classes at USC. Later in her career, Sellers worked as a strength and conditioning coach with Hammond School and capped off almost twenty years of coaching volleyball with local club volleyball teams and Hammond School. When she wasn’t coaching or teaching, Sellers stayed busy by competing in obstacle course races, playing tennis, mountain biking, and whitewater kayaking.

Sellers may have won multiple awards and championed almost two decades of athletics coaching, but she has dug even deeper roots in Columbia, SC, by opening her own business. In 2011, Sellers opened Fit Columbia, fueled by her sincere passion for teaching and her unwavering independent spirit as a pioneer in minority-led fitness studios. She has consistently utilized her studio to educate Columbia-area residents about the relationship between physical and mental health via mentorship in yoga and stretching. Through Fit Columbia, Sellers draws on years of proven history and experience with training and conditioning with hundreds of athletes, including equestrians, cheerleaders, football players, and volleyball players.

As a minority business owner, Sellers has provided training and employment opportunities for other minority fitness professionals, including offering both mat and aerial yoga classes taught in American Sign Language by a Deaf/Hard of Hearing instructor. Fit Columbia also serves as a vehicle for Sellers’ health-centered philanthropic endeavors. Sellers has led fundraising and partnership efforts with dynamic nonprofit organizations, like Epworth Children’s Home, the Palmetto Conservation Foundation, and Lexington/Richland Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission, to create accessible curriculum that will be educational, confidence-building, fun, and relaxing for participants. In recent years, Fit Columbia has donated thousands of dollars to regional causes in the Columbia area, solidifying its inspirational leader’s impact on the community at large.


  • Athleta Brand Rep

  • CPT, YACEP, Bungee Flow & Fit

  • Certified Kinesio Taping Practitioner (CKTP)

  • 200 Hr E-Registered Yoga Teacher

  • Sakhi Yoga School Teaching Faculty Member

  • 50 HR Yoga for Cancer, 45 HR Pre/Post Natal Yoga

  • Thai Yoga Bodywork, Insanity, AFAA Spin & Pilates, Group Fitness

  • Aerial Yoga level 1&2, Wall Yoga, Restorative Yoga

  • Functional Movement, Fascia Stretch Specialist

  • ISSA Sports Nutrition, Certified Level One Raw Food Chef