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Aerial Yoga Parties

Experience the freedom of a variety of challenging, off-the-floor workouts. Our progressive studio includes a non-weight-bearing Iyengar yoga wall and suspended aerial silks that are safe and ideal for both beginner and advanced clients.

Ready to hang? We recommend workout clothing that covers the backs of your knees and your torso for all aerial sessions. Proper coverage will protect your skin from fabric friction burns during suspended movement. For more information on aerial yoga safety, statistics and recommendations:

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Schedule your private party by calling 803.529.4075 to speak to Angela Sellers

Wall Yoga sessions

Explore Iyengar-style, suspended asanas supported by our yoga wall, durable body hammocks and ropes. The wall allows us to access deep core muscles and provides unparalleled opportunity for traction of the entire spine and hips. 
Juliet Hewitt's Class Schedule:
To book a private party for your sports team or private group call Angie 803.529.4075

Aerial silks Yoga sessions

Flow through yoga asanas on colorful aerial silks mounted to our steel-beam reinforced ceiling. Your soft trapeze supports you as you learn and master simple inversions and progress to more advanced poses with experience. We offer level two aerial yoga as well.  Check online to see schedule:

Yoga with puppies 

Bring your own puppy or come and enjoy yoga while puppies play all around you.  Each month we offer puppy yoga allowing our furry family members a chance to play with other dogs in a peaceful space.  Walk-ins unavailable...Limit 6.  To book Puppy Yoga:

Aerial Yoga Parties

Book a unique private party with up to 14 friends. Explore mid-air fun and learn from our incredible aerialists. These unforgettable private parties last 60 minutes hour and are ideal for moms, sports teams and even birthday parties. We schedule by appointment at your convenience, please email: to book your session or call 803.529.4075