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Bungee Workout with Jessica Jeter


Do you like to get a great workout without even realizing it?  The bungee provides a combination of fitness training, dance skills and acrobatic performance geared for the everyday person. Our bungee workout is weightless and free-flowing with low impact on joints and body.  You can make it as difficult or as easy as you want. This high-intense workout has people using the cords to perform lunges, squats, and maneuvers they would normally never be able to do without the lift and bounce. But, a very fit athlete can be challenged and get the best cardio of their life. 

Class is 45 minutes per session and is limited to 6 spots per session.  We schedule bungee parties 6-12 people and classes are set for Monday's 7:15 and Thursday's 7:15 pm!  

Limitations:  You must be under 220 pounds, 16 years of age to register for this class and have had no recent surgeries. Anyone over 200 pounds, under 16 or have recent surgeries can still do bungee but we require an email to let us know.  We want you to have the best and safest experience!

Benefits of bungee training
Bungee cords are suspended from the ceiling in a studio while harnesses are tied around the waist.  

We made this workout fun and memorable!  It’s safer than it looks and it introduces the “weeee” factor into your life!   

•Conquering fear

•Satisfying a sense of adventure

•Feeling good and releasing stress

•Great for stretching 

•Fun memory

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