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About Fit Columbia

"We should hang!"

“We should hang!” is Fit Columbia’s motto—and not just because this empowering, contemporary fitness studio offers aerial yoga classes.  At Fit Columbia, each customer receives thoughtful, personalized mentorship to not only motivate individual fitness journeys, but to also build sustainable lifestyle changes.

Fit Columbia is not a franchise—this studio is independently owned and operated by award-winning fitness expert Angela Yong Sellers. Sellers and her team of trainers truly care about each client who walks in the door. To learn more about our awards and recognitions click the “press” tab below.

Fit Columbia recognizes that the better their clients feel, the more each client will be able to accomplish when he or she leaves the studio.

That is why Fit Columbia has maintained a focus on understanding the body and emphasizes the importance of stretching and communication by providing personal attention, hands-on assistance, and carefully planned fitness lessons.  

No Contracts or Monthly Fees

There are no contracts or monthly fees at Fit Columbia. We constantly evaluate the progress and needs of our students. We set new class schedules each month, tailored to what our students want.  

Each class and workout session is limited to a small number of participants to ensure more intimate instruction and mentorship from the trainers. Unique daily workouts draw from strength and cardiovascular conditioning, speed and agility training, yoga, and group fitness to cultivate healthier bodies and minds.

Fit Columbia Staff

Fit Columbia staff members invest in their clients’ health, providing mentorship in topics such as food, stretching, breathing, meditation, and even hiking.

The trainers and instructors at Fit Columbia build an energetic and positive relationship with their clients, redefining what a “fitness center” can be.