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Unlike many gyms, we're here for you, work on your schedule and do what's comfortable for you. When you're here, you have intimacy and privacy. Our professional gym is appointment only and there are no drop-ins. When you schedule a session, you have our undivided attention. We focus on your body and your progress. We encourage you to learn more about us, our services, and talk to our client ambassadors. If you think we might be a good fit for you, schedule a free, 1/2 hour assessment with one of our trainers so we can discuss your path to better health and wellness. 


Aerial YOGA

It's ladies night out with a modern twist — literally. Gather 2-16 of your friends for a fun girl's night out, bachelor party, sweet sixteen, or party for any age. Our anti-gravity parties let you safely explore aerial yoga, hang upside down, do flips and tricks, or just enjoy floating your way to a more relaxed you.


Lengthen and release your muscles and fascia like never before using our expertise and bands, yoga walls, blocks, foam rollers, a variety of balls and therapy sticks. We use varied stretches to isolate and stretch targeted muscles and practice fascial stretch therapy (FST) to target fascia, the connective tissue in and around your joints to remove pressure, release joint-lubricating synovial fluid, and improve your flexibility.

SPORts training

Fit Columbia has more than 16 years of team training experience for tennis, volleyball, cheer, equestrian and other teams. We work with teams preseason, during the active season and post season for total body conditioning and strength training. Teams can come to our studio for stretching and anti-gravity stretches or we can train onsite in your gym or training facility.


Personal training sessions are scheduled in 30 minute or 1-hour sessions. Your workouts are individualized to you, your goals and abilities. We can retrain your body to escape repetitive movement patterns, and recover from injuries and surgeries, making long term healthy changes that last. Our training sessions use weights, machines, straps, kettle bells, BOSU balls and more to provide you with a varied and effective workout every session.  

Get in touch with a fit ambassador

We want you to know that there are others like you coming to our gym. No matter why these people joined, they are part of the family and would love to talk with you. Please feel free to email any one of them to ask what it's like to go to the 




Email Coach McGuire if you have questions team training:

Coach Angie Sellers conducted our conditioning program this summer for the Girls' Tennis Team.  Coach Sellers did an outstanding job educating the girls in the correct way to condition for injury prevention, speed, strength, and stretching.  She brings a wealth of knowledge in her subject area and conveys this with a special way of fun.  All of the girls that attended these sessions, came away with a better understanding of the importance of training and conditioning off court. Angie gets my highest admiration for the way she relates to the girls and holds their attention.


brittany queen, senior sales at astellas pharma

Email Brittany if you have any questions about working out while pregnant. She is also familiar with knee injuries:

Angie is an exceptional trainer. I started with Angie when I was pregnant and continued with her after the baby was born. For someone looking to get fit, heal from an injury, or improve their overall health, Angie is perfect! I have been doing all three through a pregnancy and after, and the benefits are amazing! I highly recommend Angie as a trainer - especially if you are pregnant or just had a baby. She will work with your schedule and customize a workout specifically for you.




kate abdelnouR, athletic trainer

Email Kate if you have any questions about getting fit for a wedding. She is also familiar with shoulder injuries:

I have known Angie for many years. She was my high school volleyball coach, and helped to develop me into a strong, competitive athlete. I returned to Angie after my engagement, and she helped me and one of my bridesmaids transform into wedding shape. As an athletic trainer, I can recognize when someone has a strong understanding for the human body, strength development, and kinesiology, and Angie has these qualities. She is always coming up with creative workout programs that target muscle groups without doing the same workout day after day. She continuously strives to be the best personal trainer she can be. I would recommend Angie and Fit Columbia to anyone!




Email Walter with any questions about personal training:

Angie keeps me interested and on my toes whenever we are in a session. I feel better about moving towards my goal based on the things she says during our sessions and activities we cover. She's the best!



Millicent sylvan Van Norden, head coach uno
two time meac volleyball coach of the year

Email Millicent with any questions sports team stretching and training of female athletes:

Making a commitment to a healthy lifestyle is difficult. I have worked with Angie for the past 7 years and I promise you won't find a more positive and hard working person in the business.




Email Kevin if you have any questions about semi-private training:

Angie's holistic approach and positive attitude make working out with her a pleasure. I'd recommend her to anyone from an ultra-marathoner to a recovering couch potato. Individual instruction is great, as are the group sessions. Like attracts like, so Angie's clients are as enjoyable to be around as she is.