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yoga with goats

At Fit Columbia, our baby goats will have open access to our guests during the practice. Snuggles are not uncommon, and neither is the occasional upward goat on a downward dog. The most fun part of yoga with baby goats is the facial expressions and laughter that comes from little goat kisses. It's a distraction, but it's a happy distraction. 


We strive to be a place of practice for people of all walks of life, old, young, limber, or stiff. We believe that yoga is a lifestyle.

Hatha Yoga, Beer Yoga, Restorative Hot Stone Yoga with CBD Oil

Curvy Girl Yoga, Full Moon Yoga, Yoga for Cancer

ASL Yoga *Open to deaf and hard of hearing students and caregivers

yoga with puppies

Bring your own puppy or come and enjoy yoga while puppies play all around you.  Each month we offer puppy yoga allowing our furry family members a chance to play with other dogs in a peaceful space.  Walk-ins unavailable and no refunds possible due to class size.  

View news coverage of Puppy Yoga on WLTX.


Kids Mindful Yoga

Mindfulness teaches the child that every emotion is important, and further, how to meet that emotion and how to respond to it.  Our Kids’ Mindful Yoga classes blend yoga and mindfulness to provide a whole-child program that cultivates present moment awareness and emotional balance.

Ages 5-10 recommended

“First time I actually had fun at yoga (and it didn’t just make me feel good after). Chill studio with a great space and staff. Affordable and fun experiences. Cannot wait to go back.” ~Amanda Pelkowski