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Fit Columbia isn’t about long-term membership contracts or dangerous workout regimens. We’re experienced in the one-on-one personal training and semi-private workouts that make fitness goals real.

Our Blossom Street gym, near downtown Columbia, SC and Five Points, offers a wide range of exercise styles led only by certified fitness professionals. Experience daily blends of strength and cardiovascular training; stretch therapy; speed and agility conditioning; aerial, wall and vinyasa yoga; Pilates, and martial arts in targeted workouts designed just for you. Or, de-stress and unwind in fun anti-gravity experiences including cocooning and aerial group parties.

Fit Columbia is part of the fabric of Columbia and we believe in helping our community grow stronger. In our work, we’re accepting of all — ages, genders, races, denominations and fitness levels. We also help the next generation of physical educators with intern-led wellness service projects at the University of South Carolina and Midlands Technical College. 

We’re ready to help you grow stronger today.

We specialize in


Personal Training

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Explore a wide range of exercise styles with guidance and support from a certified fitness professional. We provide unique daily workouts designed to build strength, increase cardiovascular endurance and stretch muscles.

Aerial YogA parties

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Achieve a total body workout in the air with anti-gravity yoga that fits your schedule. These one-on-one or group sessions of 4-10 people blend traditional yoga, Pilates, calisthenics and aerial acrobatics into a fun workout. 

Stretch Therapy

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Make stretching part of your daily routine with stretch therapy. Isolate and stretch specific muscles as well as the your body's intricate network of fascia in private or semi-private sessions.

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"I have worked with Angie and knew she would be a great motivator while making exercise fun! She is a true advocate and partner for anyone with personal health goals. Thank you for all your support!" - Katy Watkins