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Fit Columbia

Fit Columbia is a unique studio offering a balanced approach to sustainable fitness & life enhancement through strength & mobility training, childlike play, and yoga. 

Semi-private and Private SessionsTeacher Training | Bungee Fitness | Wall Yoga | Aerial Yoga


Personal Training

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Explore a range of exercise styles with guidance and support from a certified fitness professional. We provide unique daily workouts designed to build strength, increase cardiovascular endurance and stretch muscles.


Achieve a total body workout or experience yoga on the wall or floating through the air! These one-on-one or group parties of 4-16 people blend traditional yoga, Pilates, dance, and aerial acrobatics into a fun experience. 



Seeking office health & happiness amenities for your office or university? Our network of experts include experienced stretch therapists, yoga instructors, meditation coaches, fitness instructors and clinical health educators.