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Victoria Durham
Written by: Angie Sellers & Lauren Lyons
Website: https: www.

Fit Columbia and Midlands Anchor honors local women in fitness with a monthly feature celebrating their contributions to our midlands community. These women are the best of the best in the health and wellness industry. These women are local small business owners, active in the community and have a minimum of five years experience.  Our July feature is Torri Durham. Our feature is written by Fit Columbia's Lauren Lyons and Angie Sellers.

Bodies by Victoria is a Pilates studio located on Main Street in downtown Columbia. The space has been customized to provide the ultimate Pilates experience- the renovated historic studio houses a wide variety of Pilates equipment including reformers, cadillacs and stability chairs as well as space and small props for mat classes. 

The goal of Pilates exercises is to strengthen the postural muscles and correct muscle imbalance that leads to injury. The quality of movement is valued over quantity of repetitions. Studio owner Torri Durham is trained in the Pilates Method of exercise and offers private and group equipment based and mat classes. Mat based classes use the own body for resistance with the addition of props such as balls and Pilates rings. Equipment based sessions such as Reformer classes use spring resistance that mimics muscular contraction.  Both small group and private classes emphasize rebalancing muscles around the joints, proper alignment and balancing strength and flexibility.  

Q&A with our Fit Feature

Favorite Snack:  

Natural Almonds!  Protein, fiber and trace minerals all in one!

1 dog and 3 kitties.  The sweetest dog ever, my 4year old pit bull named Chance.  Mr. Lucky is 12, Crawlspace is 6 and Mr. Grey is 5.  All were found either on the side of the road or they showed up at our home. 

Why Columbia? :  
I moved here to go to USC and now Columbia is  home. I’m so excited by the progress and development in the city and am so glad that I have been able to grow with Columbia. 

A local woman, friend or family member that I admire and why: This one is tough because I know a lot of amazingly strong, intelligent and generous women.  If I have to pick just one, I’ll choose my sister-in-law, Susan Chappell.  She is one of the wisest and kindest people you could ever be so fortunate to know.  She is incredibly strong and she lends that strength to so many.  She is a role model for many and I am incredibly thankful that I am a part of her family. 

Favorite kids toy or my own memory of a childhood activity:  
One of my best memories is of summer afternoons spent building miniature towns, parks and ponds in the backyard with my brother.    Back then a bottle cap could become became a merry-go-round and block of wood could became a school.  That would keep us occupied for hours until one of us decided it was time for a pick-up game of ‘baseball’ or to dare one another to ride our bike down the ‘big’ hill with no hands.


We book aerial and wall sessions for private sessions parties, team events and corporate events. Call 803-529-4075 to schedule your appointment. 

July 8 Saturday
9:00am Yoga with Pam Meriwether $15
11:00am Donation Based Class for Transitions
12:30 Puppy Yoga $20
2:00 Puppy Yoga $20
Pay online:

July 15 Saturday
10:00am Wall Yoga with Juliet

July 17 Monday
6:30pm Wall Yoga with Juliet

July 24 Monday
630pm Wall Yoga with Juliet


Angie Sellers

Martine Naar
Energy Healer

Fit Columbia and Midlands Anchor honors local women in fitness with a monthly feature celebrating their contributions to our midlands community. These women are the best of the best in the health and wellness industry. These women are local small business owners, active in the community and have a minimum of five years experience.  Our June feature is Martine Naar. Our feature is written by Angie Sellers.

Martine and I met when I helped her to prepare for pilgrimage through Spain where she would spend months walking a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together at the tomb of St. James in north-west Spain. As we spent time together, I was eager to learn more about her healing knowledge and abilities. With a touch of her hands, I learned how to manage some of my painful past memories using Soul Link™. She is certified to teach Soul Link™, a healing technique developed by Gary Sinclair to either neutralize a negative emotion or enhance a positive feeling. This is a very simple process using energetic connectivity of the hands and only of the hands.  Negative energy neutralization can be done on oneself or on somebody else. Martine hopes to use this training to help people suffering from PTSD, particularly veterans.

Q&A with our Fit Feature:

 Why Columbia?

Martine Naar has experienced the world. She lived in Madagascar from the age of 11 years old to 18. She remembers that the Malagasy, people of Madagascar, are easy going and beautiful. As an adult she lived in France. When Martine Naar came to the United States more than 30 years ago, it was not with the intention of putting down roots: “We thought we’d be here two or three years,” recalls Martine. Now 32 years later, she is proud to call South Carolina home. When we met for lunch, she explained that she has remained in Columbia because of the pace, it's people and the warm winters. She enjoys having access to the beach and the mountains.

A Thousand Mile Walk?

When she turned 60, the universe gave her the how and when for find her next challenge, a thousand mile pilgrimage Camino de Santiago.

"Walking the Way has been a dream for many years. I first heard about the pilgrimage to Santiago in elementary school in history class. Public schools were not supposed to talk about religions; however, when I was a child most of the students were Roman Catholic. Hence, the crusades, the repression of the Cathars heresy, or the Reconquista of Spain were presented as heroic moments in the history of the world. Next to the Crusades as a heroic and pious act was the pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostella. I remember being fascinated by these believers who left every thing they ever knew to walk for a year and sometimes more in order to get their prayers answered. Where did they find the courage? Or were they so unaware of the risks? Probably they knew some of the risks and they thought they could overcome any obstacle with prayers."

The Camino de Santiago (the Way of St. James) is a large network of ancient pilgrim routes stretching across Europe and coming together at the tomb of St. James (Santiago in Spanish) in Santiago de Compostela in north-west Spain. Martine walked more than a thousand miles. The main difficulty with walking this far is that few of us have walked continuously for 10, 20 or 30 days. Martine found the experience incredibly meditative.

Favorite Healthy Snack?

Martine loves fruits, especially apples.

Family pets:

Martine has two four year old cats, Diego and Simba.

Fit Feature: Stefanie Cain

Stefanie Cain
Triathlon Coach
Written by: Angie Sellers

Stefanie Cain, owner and trainer at Cain Coaching has a large client base of adults 55 years and up who are triathlon training year round.   Since beginning triathlon coaching career in 201, she received the Innovator of the Year Award for creating a triathlon training program specifically designed to train the 55+ age group to compete in triathlons, and been featured in the NY Times as an expert on training retirees to do triathlons! She received a South Carolina Leading Age Innovation Award in 2014 for one of her training programs. Stephanie trains out of the YMCA, Still Hopes and makes personal house calls as needed.

Q&A with our Fit Feature:

What's your personal favorite sport story? 

One of my favorite sports stories is the story of my first triathlon.  A co-worker challenged me to do a sprint triathlon with his wife that was only three weeks away, so she'd have some company (I think he hoped she'd beat me).  I thought about it for a few minutes and agreed to do it.  I showed up at the race with my mountain bike, helmet, a swimsuit, running shoes and ready to go.  I had no idea what I was in for... (I don't recommend this method!).  I got help setting up my transition area from those around me and then got in the pool.  I'll never forget the feeling of crossing the finish line.  I knew I was hooked.  To top it all off, I heard my name called for a 2nd place award in my age group, and I couldn't believe it.  I knew I had found a sport I would love and pursue for a long time to come!  

Favorite healthy snack? 

I have a lot of favorite snacks!  Right now, I usually reach for half a whole grain pita stuffed with guac, turkey breast, and loaded with fresh veggies.  My other favorite is chocolate Vega Protein shakes. 

Best advice for triathlon beginners: 

Don't be afraid and don't let the sport intimidate you!  Stick to your dream and focus on your goals.  This is a sport for everyone, and I do mean everyone! Training for and completing a triathlon of any length can reveal a side of yourself that you never knew, and it's a beautiful thing.  The triathlon community is warm and welcoming and that's what first attracted me to the sport, and I hope to share that warm welcome with beginners I encounter as a coach.  Physical or mental limitations shouldn't stop you from doing something you've always wanted to achieve. 


Master Yoga $15
Yoga with Pam Meriwether. She will be teaching a special class each month for those looking for a deep practice of sequenced yoga poses designed around a theme, including breath work and meditation.  Pam’s teachings are rooted in Hatha and Classical styles of yoga, from the Himalayan tradition.  Her classes aim to inspire the internal wisdom, power and peace in each individual, to positively affect all aspects of modern life. 
May Dates: May 6 • 10 - 11:30am

Wall Yoga $15
Explore Iyengar-style, suspended asanas supported by our yoga wall, durable body hammocks and ropes. The wall allows us to access deep core muscles and provides unparalleled opportunity for traction of the entire spine and hips.  Schedule with Juliet:  or call 803-529-4075 for more information.
May Dates: May 6 • 1 - 2 pm, May 13 • 10 - 11 am, May 15 • 6 - 7 pm, May 22 • 6 - 7 pm

Aerial Yoga $20
Flow through yoga asanas on colorful aerial silks mounted to our steel-beam reinforced ceiling. Your soft trapeze supports you as you learn and master simple inversions and progress to more advanced poses with experience.  Book online now using schedulicity. 
May Dates: May 4 • 7 - 8 pm, May 6 • 2 - 3 pm, May 11 • 7-8 pm, May 18 • 7-8 pm, May 25 • 7-8 p

Angie Sellers

Tamaya Goodwin
Martial Arts Instructor
Written by: Alvina Peralta and Jennifer Lunn

Tamaya Goodwin, owner and instructor at TNT Martial Arts, has had experience in the martial arts field for over 15 years. She describes her passion as not only a fun way to get fit but also a way to learn self-defense and develop strong character. She teaches from a range of youth to adults a variety of fields such as kickboxing, mixed martial arts and karate (which she has a triple black belt in).  At just 9 years old, Tamaya and her brother were put in martial arts. She attended karate classes and discovered it was her passion. She trained throughout college where she also started teaching martial arts.

The studio was very welcoming with plenty of staff on hand to welcome new students and help them get settled in. Tamayah is very friendly and funny. As a new student, I felt open to ask questions and received friendly correction with new moves. The students were a mix of new and seasoned. Young and old. Mostly women. Tamayah just had a baby two months ago and you'd never know it! Her students said she was teaching up until the end of her pregnancy and two weeks after she had the baby! She is down to earth, but also tough. This combination allows her students ability to jump right into this traditionally male dominated sport.


Q: What made you choose to reside in South Carolina?

A:  I was born in South Carolina with military parents. I also attended the University of South Carolina before deciding to focus on my passion for martial arts and turning it into a career. My father retired here in South Carolina so I just decided to stay.

Q: What are your current goals you are striving to achieve?

A: I am trying to save money by not eating out as often. In addition to this I’m also striving for a healthier diet.

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Sushi! My favorite place to eat it is at Inakaya in Columbia.

Q: Do you own any pets?
A: Yes! I have one black lab named Midnight that we rescued 2 years ago.

Q: Do you plan on venturing off in the near future and expanding your business?
A:  I am open to a lot of different things and opportunities in the future regarding expanding my business. But my priority right now is to keep going as long as I can and doing what I love to do. TNT Martial Arts opened in Cayce, South Carolina 9 short months ago, and I just had my first baby December 16th. 

Fit FeatureAngie Sellers
Aerial Silks Yoga *etiquette & statistics

Aerial Yoga offers authentic yoga, with the support of a soft, aerial fabric hammock — to explore, refine, and advance traditional asana, both in the air and on the ground. Uniquely developed for beginners thru all levels of experience. Our instructors come with full background checks, CPR & First Aid certifications and a minimum of 200 hours of yoga teacher training. 



  • If it is your first-time at Fit Columbia, please allow yourself 10 minutes to fill out paperwork and connect with your teacher to set up for class.

  • If you have already come to an aerial class at Fit Columbia, please arrive 5 minutes before class to set yourself up comfortably in your hammock.

  • Aerial Yoga can be thrilling. For safety reasons, we ask that you are quiet and listen attentively while the teacher is talking.

  • Listen to your body and take care of yourself during class. Rest when needed by coming to child’s pose on your mat or resting in the hammock in a neutral position that feels good to you.

  • Communicate openly with our instructors. Please let them know if you have any injury. During class if you feel any discomfort, please let the instructor know right away so that he/she can adjust and help you.

  • Avoid practicing on a full stomach. Please do not eat a heavy meal in the two hours before class and it is highly recommended that you not eat or drink heavy smoothies an hour before your class time. Trust us, you’ll appreciate the advice. 

  • Please turn cell phones off or silence them. Please do not leave your phone on vibrate.

  • Avoid wearing lotion, oil or strong perfumes.


We take a lot of photos in our aerial yoga classes. We ask that you dress comfortably but keep the following notes in mind. 

  • Remove all jewelry, watches and hair clips. Ensure that your clothing is "zipper free". These items can snag and damage the silk hammocks.

  • Wear fitness clothing. Form fitting t-shirts, short or long sleeved, and Capri or long fitted pants are ideal for this practice, it offers protection from any irritation friction might cause on the backs of the knees or under the arms.

Before attending class, please let the teacher know if you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting or putting pressure on your skin. Before attending class, check with your doctor if you have a spinal injury or any medical condition that might be effected by an Aerial Yoga class. Contraindications include:

  • Recent Surgery

  • Very High or Very Low Blood Pressure

  • Pregnancy

  • Glaucoma

  • Head Cold, Flu, or Sinusitis

  • Heart Disease

  • Easy Onset Vertigo

  • Osteoporosis or Bone Weakness

  • Recent Concussion or Head Injury

  • Hiatal Hernia or Disc Herniation

  • Recent Stroke

  • Epilepsy

  • Artificial or Re-Surfaced Hips

  • Botox (within 48 hours of class)

We love our yoga silks. We also love our gorgeous concrete floors. I want to be clear on the safety of our classes. We match safe our movements to our clients ability and their adventurous spirit. We don't have preset choreographed moves that we have to stick to. Each class must be adjusted to match the energy of room whether private or group. 

To be sure (hard wood floor, concrete floor, padded floor on top of concrete floor) a fall would not be good. We make safety our first priority. We take a lot of time to connect mind and body with the movements. We don't jump in the silk and swing ourselves silly. The instruction is clear, the numbers of participants small and always a 1:1 ratio for inversions. 

Our custom anchoring system was designed by Don Smith, local contractor and long time fitness studio designer for YMCA and other professional fitness facilities.  


According to the ACE study, “sixteen healthy women between the ages of 18 and 45 years old were recruited to participate in the study, which involved a six-week intervention with three 50-minute sessions per week (18 total). The same qualified instructor led all sessions and one make-up session was available each week.”

The study goes on to report that “at the conclusion of the six-week Aerial Yoga program, there were significant improvements in the following cardiometabolic risk factors: weight, body-fat percentage, waist circumference, V• O2max, systolic blood pressure and HDL cholesterol.”

Best quad building exercise for people with bad knees :)

Seated Straight Leg Raise

This exercise can be performed by people who are affected by joint problems. It helps to strengthen the quadriceps muscles. Here are the steps that need to be followed:

➞ Sit on the floor, with your legs extended straight, and your hands on the sides. You could sit against a wall for support.
➞ Bend your right knee, and bring your right foot closer to your body.
➞ Tighten the thigh muscles of the left leg.
➞ Lift your left leg about 6-7 inches off the ground.
➞ Stay in this position for five seconds. Slowly lower your leg to the start position.
➞ Repeat this 10 times with each leg. You can do 3 sets of 10 repetitions.

Angie Sellers
Fit Feature: Juliet Hewitt

Juliet Hewitt
Yoga Teacher
Written by: Eve Black, Fit Columbia Intern

Juliet Hewitt is a yoga instructor at City Yoga right here in downtown Columbia. She calls herself an “accidental” yoga teacher because yoga is not what she started out doing. One of her supervisors invited her to an instructor training workshop, and from that weekend on, she developed a passion for yoga. Juliet holds several certifications, but her most recent is Yoga Alliance, RYT-500. Juliet's classes are alignment-based yoga, as she herself uses it as therapy for her scoliosis.

Q&A with Our Fit Feature:

Have you found yoga to be the best form of exercise for your scoliosis? Are there any other forms of exercise that seem to benefit you?

The best form of exercise is the one that you do!  I believe that statement is true for all people, whether or not you have scoliosis.  My own exercise routine consists of aerobic exercise such as running, walking, and using an elliptical machine, as well as weight training, barre, and yoga.  My yoga practice supports the other exercise I do by keeping my body flexible and pain-free as well as keeping me mindful and focused as I move.

What is your favorite thing about yoga?

A wise teacher told me that “Yoga is the practice of getting to know yourself better”.  The goal of yoga is never the pose, but the way you practice the pose.  I have never found another exercise that asks me to connect to my mind, my body, and my heart.  And there is always another layer of yourself to learn about so it never gets old or boring.

What would you say to those who are unsure if yoga is for them?

I think one of the hardest things as adults we do is put ourselves out there and try something new, but this is how we grow.  I would suggest making the leap and taking a yoga class.  Before going, check to be sure to check that the teacher is RYT (registered yoga teacher) certified and read the class description to know what type of class you are taking.  There are many styles of yoga.

Do most people who take your class have medical problems such as scoliosis?

No.  I have students in my classes with a wide range of abilities between the ages of 12 and 70.  Learning yoga with a focus on good alignment is good therapy, whether or not you have scoliosis or another muscular-skeletal issue.  Some people attend my classes because they know how passionate I am about anatomy and making sure what I teach is both safe and effective.  I want to empower my students to be students of their own bodies.  I do teach private lessons to students who want individualized help tailoring their yoga practice.  I am also now offering private wall yoga lessons at Fit Columbia.  The wall is a wonderful tool for working with scoliosis and with back pain.

What is your favorite time of year and why?

I love the summer.  In particular summer evenings when I can sit outside on my porch and watch the fireflies and listen to the cicadas.

Are you currently reading any good books?

A friend gave me “The Girl on the Train” by Paula Hawkins to read and it is pretty good.  What I am really into though is podcasts.  I love On Being, How to be Amazing, Modern Love, WhistleStop, and the Liberated Body.  I always have several queued up to listen to when I am driving. 

What is your favorite healthy snack?

Trader Joe’s Kettle Popped Popcorn Chips.  They have chia seeds, flax, seeds, and quinoa.  That’s healthy right? Even in a chip?

What is your favorite motivational quote?

"Every blade of grass has its Angel that bends over it and whispers, 'Grow, grow!'"               

 ~ The Talmud

Women in Fitness Features move to Midlands Anchor

Fit Columbia Women In Fitness Features have moved from The Columbia Star to Midlands Anchor! Last year we featured 12 women and hosted a Garden Party at Fit Columbia to honor them. I'm so excited to do it again this year. My purpose is to promote and encourage the growth of women fitness professionals in our community. Theres no charge or deception. I believe that supporting another's success won't ever dampen yours. Namaste friends.

If you would like to nominate a female fitness professional who represents the Best of the Best in her heath and wellness career Send nominations to

ELIGIBILITY: The nominee must be based in an office or location within South Carolina. She must have a minimum of five years of teaching, training, and educating in the health and wellness industry. Small business owners, not franchises or box gyms please.

JUDGING CRITERIA: Eligible nominees are reviewed by a committee on the following criteria: Community Service and Involvement, Industry Experience and Education, and Career and Industry Leadership.

PHOTOGRAPHS: Each nomination must include a minimum 4x6 in, 300 dpi photograph of the nominee. You may also include up to two optional photographs or renderings depicting significant projects or other examples of the nominee’s accomplishments. You may also include one optional supplemental document, such as a testimonial letter.

Angie Sellers
Women In Fitness Feature: Joy Holman

Fit Columbia and Midlands Anchor honors local women in fitness with a monthly feature celebrating their contributions to our midlands community. These women are the best of the best in the health and wellness industry. These women are local small business owners, active in the community and have a minimum of five years experience.  Our February feature is Joy Holman. Our feature is written by Alvina Peralta, Fit Columbia Intern and University of South Carolina exercise science student.

Joy Holman, head coach of the 30 time world champion Double Dutch Forces, has a history of many athletic tributes. Joy not only played professional basketball, but also played volleyball, softball, and ran track in addition to being team captain and MVP of all teams. Her prodigious athletic abilities earned her a scholarship to Benedict College. Not only is she athletic, she is also an artist and received a scholarship in honor of that talent as well.

She was born in Manhattan but moved to Lexington, South Carolina when she was only 13 months old to live with her grandma. Growing up, she stated she’s never gone out to eat at a restaurant. That changed her senior year of high school when she won a free dinner to a fancy restaurant after she won an art contest. The portrait that won her free dinner was of charcoal drawn birds with gas masks on to symbolize pollution. In addition to this award, she also drew cartoons for her high school newspaper at Lexington High School. Her prestigious art skills earned her a full ride for art school, but she did not want to give up all of her sports to focus on art. She convinced her grandma that basketball was what she wanted to do.

Joy explains her love of coaching roots from when she was a kid and sports was her way of getting out of the house. She would only go to church, school, and then it was time for sports. She wants kids to do what they love and she wants to support them in every way she can. That is why although she has never practiced double dutch jump-roping, she agreed to coach a team. At first she was hesitant, but the group of teenagers that desired to jump rope needed a coach that was over 18. Joy explains that she watched practices and that won her heart over. And 31 years later, she is still doing it.

Alvina Peralta got to know Joy Holman more by asking a few questions:

Q: What is your favorite food?

A: I love baked chicken, corn bread, broccoli, spinach, mostly southern food. I love eating those foods at Lizards thicket.

Q: Do you have any current goals or resolutions?
A: I try to be the best I can be with anything I do. I strive to be in the best health possible and pray for my friends, family, and team for their success. Currently I am trying to eat healthier and work out a lot more. I’m teaching physical education but not being healthy and so I want to change that.

Q: What is a quote you live by?
A: “It takes a village to raise a child”. My grandmother and all of her 12 kids raised me. That is what makes me want to give back. It’s the reason I’m still coaching. Also, “Get up and move”. I want to get kids more active and promote family activities. It doesn’t have to be jump roping.


Angie Sellers
2017: Create new habits not resolutions

Research shows that only 8% of people who have made a New Year’s resolution were able to meet their goal, according to a study from the University of Scranton that was compiled by Statistic Brain.

So, how do we increase our odds of setting realistic goals and sticking to them? The answer is called habit stacking, chaining, anchoring or piggybacking.  If your life today is essentially the sum of your habits, then we need to take a closer look at our reoccurring patterns of behavior.

We have patterns and behaviors that have been strengthened over years. Things we don’t even think about because they have become like second nature to us. By linking the new desired habits to a cycle that is already built into the brain, we make it more likely to stick to the new behavior.

To get started, simply write out a list of the current habits that you do each day. (Don’t forget about all the boring everyday routines.) Then, write out a second list of the habits you want to start. Finally, pick one habit and look for the appropriate place to stack it.

I encourage you to pick one habit because you’re more likely to be successful.  Asking your mind and body to make one change will likely yield an 80% success rate!  Asking for 2 decreases to 35% and continues to drop with each new expectation.  So choose one wisely and be specific.

If you are what you repeatedly do, then it should be pretty easy to identify your daily routines.  Here’s an example of my personal piggy backing habit I’ve incorporated into my mornings.
My goal was to move better and be warmed up to train my 5am clients. My current habit is to roll over and check my phone. I drink some water (I keep a water bottle next to the bed at all times) before I get out of bed and do my routine. My routine consisted of personal grooming, coffee, grabbing things here and there, kissing the family and off to the gym in a whirlwind.

My new piggy back keeps a  skin brush by my bedside. By putting my skin brush by the bed, I’m able to brush my skin every morning helping to improve my vascular blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. Dry body brushing helps shed dead skin cells (and encourages new cell renewal), which results in smoother and brighter skin. It literally added less 1-2 minutes more to my routine and I don’t forget to do it.

Some folks like the use of technology to help their progress.  Here’s a few options that might be a great addition.




Angie Sellers
Women in Fitness Feature: Channing Anderson

Channing Anderson

Yoga Teacher

Written by Stephanie Daniel


Growing up in South Carolina, Channing left briefly to attend Middle Tennessee State University. There, she developed a passion for yoga and realized that yoga is doable for anyone at any level of flexibility or strength. She reaffirmed her love for yoga, and incorporated the breathing techniques and meditation into into her daily routine throughout her pregnancy. Channing pursued her interest in yoga by receiving her 200-hour certification in Vinyasa Flow from Gotta Yoga, which is based in Charlotte, NC. Additionally, she is currently training, through Holy Cow in Charleston, SC, to receive her 500-hour yoga teacher certification. She can teach to a variety of people due to her training in Prenatal Yoga, Gentle, Yoga, Yin Yoga, Backbending, and Ayurveda. She is currently a teacher at Pink Lotus Yoga Center in Lexington, SC. Not only is Channing amazing in the world of health and wellness, she also is big on family! She loves to spend time with her husband and two wonderful children, and even caters to that family environment in her “Where your Baby” yoga class!


Q&A with Channing Anderson!

Q: How did you come up with the wear your baby yoga class?

A: I wanted to take one! Isn't that how it goes? I saw there weren’t a lot of options for mamas with new babies. Most Mommy and Me type classes don't start until the baby is older. I wanted a option for new mamas to get out, bond with other new mamas, and move a little, while bonding with baby. I'm so fortunate Pink Lotus has given me the space to provide this valuable service to new mamas


Q: I also noticed you have classes that are for different speeds and levels (slow flow and warm detox). What are some of the benefits to each of these and how did you decide to have them as classes?

A: Slow Flow is my style 100%. I am a vinyasa girl begrudgingly! I started yoga with a very traditional Hatha style teacher, meaning long holds and little flow. Slow Flow is a mixture: the long holds give the poses time to develop in the body, and the flows encourage unifying breath with movement. Warm Detox came about thanks to some students at Pink Lotus. I made detoxing the theme one night and students said it should be that way all the time. The class is great for spine health as it focuses on twists, deep folds, and back bends. The room is about 80 degrees, just warm enough to sweat the gunk out.


Q: I read online about how yoga has had a healing effect for you! Based on your experiences with yoga, what would be your favorite aspect of yoga?

A: I started yoga at my doctor's behest. I have scoliosis, and yoga can help prevent further curvature. After having my first child, I bulged a disc. Through careful practice, I am no longer in pain from it. I also used yoga to rehab after my old friend relaxin wrecked havoc after my second child. While the physical part is awesome, I know yoga has healed me in other ways too. My body awareness and acceptance has sharpened, and I am better able to react to situations with kindness...sometimes it takes a few extra breaths though.


Q: Other than yoga, what are some of your favorite things to do in your spare time?

A: I like to write, and paint. You can check out my musing on my website . I also really love doing makeup on others.


Q: If you could live anywhere else in the world where would it be and why?

A: Mallorca, Spain. My husband and I honeymooned there and it is the most beautiful, and relaxing place in the world. Clear waters, gorgeous mountains, laid back culture.


Q: What is your favorite part of the Columbia area?

A: I love that Columbia has  different parts, Main Street, Devine Street, Vista, Millwood, and, of course, my hood Lexington. Something is always going on, and each community has its own vibe. One of my favorite activities is to park my car and explore different areas with my kiddos. 

Angie Sellers
10 Minute lifestyle change

Start today and do something everyday. 10 min walks matter and I encourage you to make them a time to contemplate and be relaxed. Or take a friend or a your pet for accountability and companionship.

21 days to make a habit myth: 
On average, it takes more than 2 months before a new behavior becomes automatic — 66 days to be exact. 

In other words, if you want to set your expectations appropriately, the truth is that it will probably take you anywhere from two months to eight months to build a new behavior into your life — not 21 days.

So commit to doing something 10 minutes a lifestyle change not a short term goal.

I mentioned 10 minutes of walking but here are some other ideas:

  1. Belly Dancing:
  2. Body weight workout:
  3. Plyometrics:
  4. Workouts from your office desk:
Angie Sellers
Skip the sports drink

Don't drink "sports drinks". 

Most sports drinks are just made up of sugars, chemicals, and salt. While many people use them to hydrate, these drinks can cause a myriad of health issues in the body.  

Let’s talk about the dyes for a moment: 
Blue No. 1, a common dye found in Gatorade, is especially potent. Not only does it turn your tongue blue, but researchers have speculated it may cause temporary discoloration of your body tissue and brain. Red No. 40 and Yellow No. 5 are also used in Gatorade and have been linked to numerous health problems. A research study in the 1970′s found that rats that consumed Yellow No. 5 contracted intestinal cancer at much higher rates than those who did not. Most medical professionals agree that Gatorade has high health risks and low nutritional value.  A 35-year study, conducted on children aged 3-4 and 8-9, found that artificial coloring perpetuated the severity of chronic ADHD and other behavioral problems.

Solution: Try coconut water or chia seeds instead. Coconut water provides much-needed electrolytes, and both coconut water and chia seeds are great hydrators. I love Ultima and Nuun as a mix to add to my water.

Angie Sellers
Women in Fitness Feature: Sue Eang

Fit Columbia and Midlands Anchor honors local women in fitness with a monthly feature celebrating their contributions to our midlands community. These women are the best of the best in the health and wellness industry. These women are local small business owners, active in the community and have a minimum of five years experience.  Our February feature is Joy Holman. Our feature is written by Eve Black, Fit Columbia Intern and University of South Carolina exercise science student.

Personal Bio: I moved here a year ago for a fresh start, so my current business is mostly mobile to Charlotte as that's where my roots are, but I do have a private space I work out of for both the surrounding Charlotte and Columbia area.  

Most people associate me with my family-owned and operated business aka Basil Thai Cuisine. I enjoy the flexibility of working for family and the ability to share my practice as I am a woman with much more talent than running daily restaurant operations. I understand that I have a gift, a natural one - of touch and powerful healing.  

My passion lies within holistic care and healing. I received my Bachelors of Arts in Asian Studies from Furman University to pursue International Business in Marketing.  Just like my Bachelor's degree and getting back to my heritage, my certifications primarily are focused in Asian massage modalities: Thai yoga massage, Ashiatsu, Thai poultice, Bamboo, and Reiki. These all quickly sparked my interest immediately after school and I then pursued certification to teach yoga while deepening my personal yoga practice (RYT-200 hr). All of these things have led me to my path of how these amazing life experiences have made me feel and I want to share the power of touch, (physical or energetic) - with others. All in all, it's an awakening of mind, body, and spirit experience.

Q:  How did you get started in this field?

A: I always belonged to this field of touch. Healing.  I knew since the age of 5 years old.  I started massaging family members: from my dad and mom.  To sisters and uncles and then to my brother-in-laws.  Friends.  It was never awkward.  I always wanted to share my gift with those special to me.  And now I am able to share this with those who cross my path and are willing to allow me to put my hands on them

Q: What services do you provide?

A: From basic Swedish and Deep Tissue.  To Pre-natal and Hot stones.  And a little more complex massage techniques like Thai Yoga and Thai Foot Massage (like Reflexology) to the power of healing energetic touch - Reiki. 

Q: What made you decide to practice Thai Yoga Massage Therapy as opposed to regular yoga?

A: I definitely still have my own personal practice of yoga and try to meet myself on the mat however after moving to a new city I decided to take a break from instructing yoga.  I had to get grounded in a new place and Thai Yoga massage is about serving one at a time versus a multitude of persons in one class.  It's a much more intimate setting beingone-on-one.  It does fill my heart to teach a class, but making a vast impact on one's life one at a time has a different meaning.   It's a different fulfillment.  Don't get me wrong, I like the aspect of giving to the community and serving others as you can do in a yoga-room setting.  However, I found by serving others in a classroom setting, I lost interest in my own practice.  With Thai yoga massage, it's as if this person chose you or was brought to you by the Universe and choose to spend this time with you.  And to be able to open their energy lines, stretch, relax and give peace is all a win-win to me.

Q:  Do you have any pets?

A: No.  At the moment, I do not have any serious pets per se.  I was a proud-mommy and owner of the sweetest, smartest, most-obedient yet head-strong like me pit-bull named head coach.  He is very much alive and well. I currently have a fish-tank in my bedroom and I am responsible for five beautiful fish.  I do enjoythe back-ground white-noise of the flowing water while falling asleep.

Sue's Personal Philosophy: 

The pursuit of happiness begins with you and within.  Two thoughts I would like to share:

1.) My mantra: Follow your heart.

2.) Know yourself and know that you are enough.

Lastly, I am a tea-enthusiast.  And I enjoy making a cup of tea with TLC.  Usually to be shared with family, staff, or a customer in need that seems to be ailing.  I listen to your need and I truly believe that what is put in massage body work, energy-work, or tea is set forth with intentions.  


Angie Sellers
Women In Fitness Feature: Lee Chamberlain

Fit Columbia and Midlands Anchor honors local women in fitness with a monthly feature celebrating their contributions to our midlands community. These women are the best of the best in the health and wellness industry. These women are local small business owners, active in the community and have a minimum of five years experience.  Our February feature is Lee Chamberlain. Our feature is written by Alyssa Holbrooks, Fit Columbia Intern and University of South Carolina exercise science student.

Lee Chamberlain, owner of Studio O2, believes that health and beauty begins on the inside and radiates to the outside. This was her goal when she started using oxygen therapy to treat her clients. Located in the heart of the Vista, Studio O2 brings the first salon of its kind to the Columbia area. Not only can you stop by Studio O2 to be pampered by Lee and her wonderful staff, you can receive an oxygen treatment while you are there.

Lee uses Mild Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy to relax her clients and provide an array of health benefits. Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment is the consumption of close to 100% oxygen versus the 21% oxygen available that we normally breathe. This oxygen therapy is used to treat a wide range of conditions as well as provide unique benefits such as: improved digestion, better cognitive function, faster recovery from muscle soreness or injury, and even suppressed inflammation.


What is your advice for clients who are hesitant to use the Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment? Just come in and do a consultation and let me explain it you. Do a trial run and see what it’s all about. There are really no risk factors involved and it’s something that everyone can benefit from.

What is you favorite healthy snack? Veggies and hummus or almonds

Favorite quote: “ Go confidently in the way of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” –Thoreau

Favorite thing to do in Columbia when you aren’t working: I do a lot of outdoor stuff, honestly, I love to take my dogs down to the River Walk.

Notes from Alyssa:
My experience with Lee and Studio O2 was like no other I’ve had before. Lee and her staff were friendly and very welcoming. The atmosphere of the salon is bright and airy, the perfect environment for a day of relaxation. I would highly recommend Studio O2 to anyone who is interested in trying the oxygen therapy as well as to anyone looking for hair and spa treatments. The Studio O2 website describes it as “Columbia’s urban oasis spa salon, where beauty and wellness collide”, and I could not think of a better way to describe my experience.

Angie Sellers