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HAMMOND SCHOOL 5/2012              

Having known Angie Wolff for two years, I am thrilled to share my knowledge of her from both personal and professional perspectives.

As a woman and a mother, Angie fills the lives of everyone around her with love, compassion, honesty, and loyalty.  She exudes a joy for life and uplifts all who come in contact with her.  Because she appreciates the uniqueness of individuals, Angie encourages us to celebrate our differences as we recognize our common goals whether in the classroom, on the volleyball court, or in an administrative meeting.

As a professional, Angie makes a wonderful addition to any staff.  Her mind is always brainstorming for creative and innovative ways to accomplish her goals.  Having powerful energy and being self-motivated, she initiates projects, beyond her expected responsibilities, and sees them through to their completion.  An example, among many, of this attribute was her development of an annual health week in the upper school.  This project exposed the students to a variety of community speakers who educated them on topics such as proper snacking, diabetes, body image, etc.

Because of her connections in the community, Angie brings valuable resources to her job.  For example, through her contacts at University of South Carolina, she developed and implemented an intern program with the Department of Exercise Science.  This internship provides Hammond with personnel for our summer conditioning program while allowing the USC students hands-on experiences.

As a teacher, Angie has demonstrated her ability to meet the students exactly where they are in their development and set attainable goals, so as not to overwhelm. She is very adept at adapting strategies to each individual personality.

Strong, self-motivated, goal-oriented, compassionate, intuitive and benevolent – weave all of these traits together and you have one awesome individual in Angie Wolff.

Julie Ross





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