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2013 Year in Review

Fit Columbia. How I make Columbia Stronger.


Did you know that in addition to training private and group session for clients at Fit Columbia,  in 2013 Angie Wolff also…


  • Served as a mentor for 19 exercise science majors at USC
  • Served as a mentor for the WITS program for future personal training candidates
  • Served as the female strength & conditioning coach for Hammond School’s tennis, volleyball and competitive cheerleading teams
  • Ran with 13 non-runners in their first 5k or obstacle course races
  • Served as on-line PE teacher for The South Carolina Virtual School Program (SCVSP)
  • Taught physical education for University of South Carolina training 30 new students
  • Presented materials on how to stay active at work to the MASCAVA organization
  • Became Insanity Certified
  • Served as a middle school volleyball coach for Hammond School
  • Worked as a scoreboard operator for the University of South Carolina Volleyball Program
  • Worked as a fitness model


Angie Sellers