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2014: Skin Brushing...a habit you should develop

Let's add this to the number of healthy habits we are attempting to build into our lifestyles in 2014. 

In less than 5 minutes a day you can do so much for your body just by skin brushing. 

Skin brushing everyday will open the pores in your body and improve appearance of cellulite. 

More important to me? It increases circulation, encourages your body's discharge of metabolic wastes and greatly aids the lymphatic drainage of the entire body.  

Skin brushing works because your skin is the largest organ and responsible for 1/4 of your body's detoxification. Your skin can eliminate one to pounds of waste each day! It's considered "the third kidney" because it works so hard.  :)

If you haven't done skin brushing before it is wise to start with only one pass over the skin's surface. Over time you can gradually increase the number of strokes done during each skin brushing session. The reason is that too much stimulation can be too hard on the body. And always use long gentle, but firm, strokes. Remember that your skin should not turn red, which means the pressure on your strokes is too heavy. The idea is to stimulate and not to irritate the skin.  It's also not a good idea to brush over rashes, wounds, cuts for obvious reasons.

Beyond that, get to it.  I have used a skin brush on and off for about six years. This actually reminds me to get in there now and use it!  You can buy a skin brush almost anywhere. I got mine for under $10. BAM! Inexpensive and effective. 


Angie Sellers