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First time OCR?

Why do I love obstacle course racing with clients for their first time?  

I love seeing their face at the beginning of a race and watching them  gently walk back and forth with apprehension.  What they don't realize is that after training with me and building the body properly and safely- these obstacles and race lengths are just another experience.  At Fit Columbia, we don't do the same old things over and over so your body and mind are ready for these races.  Post race, I love seeing hearing the clients energized stories and laughter as they realize what they just did. 

I don't think running should be your primary form of fitness but it can be a part of your life and races make it really fun. The energy at each race is soul fueling and while a few want to win, most want to finish.  The majority of these racers want a  story to share and a memory to hold on to.  Walking between obstacles and slowing down as needed is not the same as quitting so let's sign up today!

In post race conversations, my clients talk about the exhilarating feeling of conquering the unknown.  In many races, you know how long the race is and often the course is posted in advance.  In OCR, you don't know if you'll be scrambling over sand dunes, crawling through waist deep cold water or dragging your body under pointy barbed wire but there it is before you and we're going to do it.  These races make your brain "exercise" and your body more tolerant of physical torment.  He he he, I'm kidding about the physical torment but it does increase your ability to be tolerant of being uncomfortable and outside the box and dare I say it? Outside of your head!  It's hard to worry about your bills or the broken lawn mower when you're being asked to drag a concrete block up a hill. 
Last year I ran in OCR, 5K and 10K races with 19 clients who had never run a race. Let's plan something for this summer.  Call me!  :)

Angie Sellers