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2014 Ribbon Cutting

Watch this video:  

Fit Columbia ribbon-cutting with @SteveBenjaminSC and @DevineStCola.

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The ribbon cutting ceremony was a big success. 
Thank you to everyone that came out to support Fit Columbia!

A few thank you love notes:

First, thank you to everyone who took time out of their day to come to the studio and share this moment. I recognize that we all have full schedules and days full of expectations so thank you for changing up your afternoon to be at this event.  I'm so humbled by the words and warm hugs shared that day. 

Natalia brought key officials and Mayor Benjamin to the ribbon-cutting. Thank you Natalia for lunch and talking me through the process  

During the week of the ribbon cutting I was a little blown away by all the details needed to pull it off.  It's important for me to say thank you again to these folks:

Steph, Zach, Sara for staying late and painting and cleaning up before the ribbon cutting putting on the final touches. 

Kelli for making homemade kombucha, green tea and setting up all the refreshments for the event. Also, for painting the black chalkboard stripes on the wall.  Very cool. 

Anne for hanging out with me so graciously on the yoga wall and sharing your gifts. 

Julie for writing my emails, press releases and more that got Fit Columbia on the front page of the state newspaper! Additionally, I sent that email to Meredith Allen and it looks like we will be on her show too!  Thank you Kristy Rupon for writing up a beautiful article and Gerry Melendez for the photos.

Amy for going to Crayton to pick up Avery for me so my daughter could experience this day with me. 

Laurie for bringing in a beautiful bouquet of flowers the morning of the event.

James for gifting and installing the BOSE speakers. 

Leigh for gifting two of the yoga harnesses. 

Richard for running out just minutes before the ribbon-cutting to buy me a ribbon...YES I FORGOT A RIBBON.  Actually, I should thank Joy and Christie too for the idea to run to the nearby florist :)

The thank you list is long and it's my goal to put my gratitude in print as well as in my words and heart. I'm so blessed with this fitness family.  Thank you all.

Angie Sellers