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Let’s face it, yoga can be intimidating at first.

You find yourself in a room full of strangers that are most definitely zen masters. Will you fall on your face? Is everyone staring at you? What if you mess up?
The answers are actually quite simple young grasshopper. Your face will be just fine, no one is staring at you, and everyone is probably going to mess up at some point during the class.

If you’re still a little hesitant, Fit Columbia and River Rat Brewery have teamed up to bring beer yoga to Fit’s studio in Five Points.
So, if you want to give finding your inner peace a try, grab a cold one, knock the edge off of that social anxiety, and prepare for a great time!

Fit Columbia offers all sorts of other yoga and fitness classes as well and beer yoga isn’t the only crazy one.
Sign up and give baby goat yoga (yup, that’s a thing), puppy yoga, aerial yoga, or wall yoga a try too.




Last week, I dragged the COLAtoday interns Nicole + Lauren (pictured with me above in aerial tree pose) out of the office and accidentally strangled them with aerial silks. (J.K. – they both rocked the class.) Our instructor at Fit Columbia slowly guided us newbies through a flow that was accessible to aerial-first-timers – and we actually got into some pretty cool poses. In the last few minutes of class, we even dangled upside down (then got a little dizzy and promptly needed a ginger chew).

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THE STATE PAPER: The latest fitness craze is headed to Columbia



January 08, 2018 10:44 AM

Updated January 08, 2018 02:56 PM

Are you still straddling the fence on what New Year’s resolution workout you should try in the 2018? While there are quite a few new options to choose from (including goat yoga, which apparently is a thing), none have moves like the “booty drop,” “tippy toe walks” and gravity-defying leaps and bounds like the “superman” and the “spider-man.”

That’s because none of those workouts are bungee yoga, the latest craze to combine yoga, resistance training and low impact, but high intensity, cardio.

Angela Yong Sellers, owner of Fit Columbia in Five Points, is bringing the springy exercise to Columbia in February. Sellers says she will begin training a few close friends and colleagues throughout January. She will use that time to also work out any kinks before the first class is offered, and to also work on promotional materials.

Sellers says she bought the same equipment used in this segment of “Live with Kelly and Ryan.”

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Go Columbia: How I go Angela Sellers

How I Go Columbia: Angela Sellers


As a personal trainer, Angela Sellers (who recently married and was formerly Angela Yong Wolff), offers a range of disciplines that keep her clients engaged, excited and in top physical condition.

In 2011, Sellers opened Fit Columbia, a versatile personalized training center on Devine Street that focuses on yoga, Pilates, martial arts, group fitness, speed and agility training, and strength and cardiovascular conditioning. Recently, Sellers relocated Fit Columbia to Blossom Street in Five Points, where she continues to instruct clients in the fitness center’s popular wall and hatha yoga, as well as yoga for cancer patients, pregnant women and new mothers.

On Thursday, June 30, Sellers and Fit Columbia host a “Women of Fitness” Garden Party and Benefit for Innersole, a local statewide nonprofit shoe drive for children co-founded by University of South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley. 

EAT: I love the farm-to-table movement and eating locally. Vanessa Bialobreski does a great job with these dinners. I also love Motor Supply and the Korean restaurants on Decker Boulevard.

DRINK: I love a double mocha at Drip, but the right answer should be water with lemon – stay hydrated, everyone!

PLAY: About three years ago, I was introduced to tennis, and it’s safe to say I’m addicted. I played college volleyball, so tennis was an easy transition. I love to be outdoors and physically active. If there’s an opportunity ... to compete in something, I want to do it – and win. I love Rockbridge Club. They always make people feel at home and welcome. The facilities are kept up and events well organized. Beyond sports, I love going to the theater and local art exhibits with my husband.

LISTEN: I listen to music that makes me calm or happy. I want to sing along and feel good about the world. Christian music, Van Morrison and Michael Jackson are commonly playing on my headphones.

SEE: Five Points has become a place I really enjoy, especially from the front window of my studio. I’m so proud of our city when I see the runners, skateboarders and walkers pass by my studio at all hours of the day. I love the people-watching, going in and out of the small shops. Five Points is home to a lot of small-business owners and I’m proud to be among them.

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Cola Daily: Yoga classes going to the dogs in Columbia

By Allen Wallace

The downward-facing dog is a common yoga pose, but in one yoga class Saturday in Columbia, the dogs were facing every conceivable direction.

Fit Columbia in Five Points hosted Yoga with Puppies, inviting participants to bring their canine friends to join the exercise. It might sound strange, but Fit owner Angela Yong Sellers said there is sound reasoning behind it.

“There’s a lot of mom and dad guilt when you leave your pet at home all week long while you go to work, so this is one less missing opportunity to be with your pet,” she said. “When you’re totally at peace and your dog’s there with you, it’s nice.”

Sellers hosted her first Yoga with Puppies event last month, and with successes then and Saturday, plans to make it a monthly event. She added that she keeps a higher than usual ratio of staff to participants so that staff can handle duties like taking a dog for a walk if needed.

“We haven’t had one problem,” she said, and there were none on Saturday, as humans and dogs alike mingled happily.
Wednesday is International Yoga Day, and Sellers said that annual focus on the practice comes at a time when it is already drawing more attention in Columbia.

“Yoga is becoming extremely popular and there are a lot of studios opening up in Columbia,” she said, adding that she thinks the different studios should be on good terms and at times work together. “We just wanted to vary ourselves because we don’t want to be competition. The way that we can complement other studios is to offer things that they are not.”

“We bring a lot of youthful energy to our yoga,” Sellers said. She added that Fit Columbia offers something for all experience levels, beginner to expert, and instructors who will help people along the way.

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The State Newspaper: Puppy Yoga

Angie Sellers of Fit Columbia leads a 'Yoga with Puppies' class now at the yoga studio in Columbia's Five Points. Sellers held two classes on May 13, 2017, with ten participants bringing in their favorite 4-legged friend to enjoy the relaxing exercise and fitness class. Here, Angie Sellers teaches the class some yoga poses on the aerial silk as the dogs explore and play. Rob Thompson

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Go Columbia: Yoga with Puppies

Columbia fitness studio offering yoga with puppies 

Erin Shaw

First, there was goat yoga. Now, there’s puppy yoga. 

Fit Columbia in Five Points will offer a yoga class where dogs are welcome on Saturday.

Owner Angie Yong Sellers said she was inspired by the goat yoga trend.

“It's been really successful and I thought about it and realized I have the perfect space for puppies,” she wrote in an email.

The class is $20 and BYOP - Bring Your Own Puppy. It will include yoga on mats, “so everyone can smell each other and explore,” as well as aerial silks “to see our cute, furry friends playing down below,” Sellers said. 

As of Monday afternoon, the class was nearly sold out. If you miss it, there will be a second class on June 17. Find out more at Fit Columbia.

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Fit Columbia Speaks at One Million Cups

Fit Columbia's Angela Yong Sellers gives presentation on her growing business to the 1 Million Cups group of entrepreneurs. 

About 1 Million Cups:

1 Million Cups is a weekly educational program designed to engage, educate, and accelerate communities of entrepreneurs. Developed in Kauffman Labs for Enterprise Creation, and continually refined by a dedicated community of entrepreneurs across the United States, we have created an educational program that holds the promise to revitalize, empower, grow, and activate your city’s community of entrepreneurs through online curriculum, coaching and experiential learning.



Twitter: @1MillionCupsCOL


Columbia Star: Fitness Fuels Fundraising

Fit Columbia, owned by Angela Sellers, hosted a garden party to celebrate 13 local “Women of Fitness” who were featured in The Columbia Star on the Women’s Page each month over the past year. The event was held June 30 at Fit Columbia, 2002 Blossom Street across the courtyard from The Swept Yard. Read More. 

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The State: Fitness Fuels Fundraiser

Fit Columbia Hosts “Women of Fitness” Garden Party and Benefit for Innersole, June 30

Five Points fitness center to honor 13 women of the midlands; give to local nonprofit at free event

Fit Columbia, a versatile fitness center in the Five Points district of Columbia, S.C., will host a garden party to celebrate thirteen local “Women of Fitness” and to benefit local children’s charity Innersole on Thursday, June 30, from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. at Fit Columbia, located at 2002 Blossom Street.

Guests will enjoy complimentary hors d’oeuvres and champagne in the charming outdoor courtyard of Fit Columbia – a multi-practice, personalized training center focused on individual and small group sessions, opened in 2011 by certified fitness expert Angela Sellers –while mingling with fellow health and fitness supporters. Next door, The Swept Yard home goods and garden shop will be open for browsing. Attire is business-casual.

The two-faceted event will honor thirteen local women influencers in the health and fitness industry, and serve as a new shoe drive for children via statewide nonprofit Innersole – co-founded by Dawn Staley, three-time Olympic gold medalist and Head Women's Basketball Coach at the University of South Carolina – which provides new athletic and lifestyle shoes to children and teens facing poverty and health risks from low-income households across South Carolina.

Guests are asked to bring donations of new shoes for Innersole to the event for admission. Fit Columbia will present donations to Innersole at the garden party, which will be distributed to kids during multiple back-to-school events held by the nonprofit across the state.

Todd and Moore, local athletic retailer, will offer a 20% discount to customers who purchase shoes for donation to Fit Columbia and Innersole in June.


Thirteen local women in the fitness and health fields will be recognized at the event for their contributions to the industry. These “Women of Fitness” – each profiled in local publication The Columbia Star over the last year – were chosen because they have actively and admirably worked to make Columbia healthier and stronger; are enthusiastic about their job and engaging to a wide client base; and have longevity in the fields of fitness and health.

“Being in the health industry isn’t something that’s going to get you a lot of notoriety,” says Fit Columbia founder Angela Sellers. “For this celebration, I was looking for women who are digging deep into the roots of the community. We want to promote them and honor them because there aren’t necessarily awards out there for helping someone on a path to health or for being a positive force in someone’s life.”

The featured women are:

  • Alison Beard | Licensed acupuncturist; Chinese medicine herbalist at Palmetto Acupuncture
  • Tammie Coleman Epps | Certified Zumba instructor
  • Anne Marie Cockrell | Certified Advanced Rolfer
  • Maxine Deutschendorf | Owner and instructor at Infinite Yoga
  • Fran Harlow | Buyer at Rosewood Market and Deli
  • Ashley Hayes | Pilates and yoga instructor at Pilates of Forest Acres
  • Rachel Hipszer | Aerial Silks Performer at Soda City Cirque
  • Elise Matthews | Personal trainer at KORE Wellness
  • Pam Meriwether | Yoga Alliance-Certified Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher
  • Stephanie Rosehart | Athletic trainer at University of South Carolina
  • Milena Stephens | Co-owner and trainer at Stephens Tennis Management
  • Claudia Tudose | Owner and Specialized Master Trainer at Gyrotonic Devine
  • Kim Williams | Volleyball coach at SC FCA Volleyball; formerly University of South Carolina


Throughout June 2016, Fit Columbia is focused on serving individuals from low-income areas of the Midlands.

Each Monday and Wednesday in June, Fit Columbia holds donation-based classes aimed toward individuals with irregular working hours and financial barriers. These “pay-what-you-can” classes are held at both 7:00 and 8:00 p.m.

Fit Columbia will continue hosting a month-long new shoe drive throughout June, during which donations of new child.

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Sandler Insurance Blog: Adventure Racing in South Carolina

Challenge courses find plenty of enthusiasts

Adventure Racing is a new high-intensity endurance sport capturing the attention of thousands throughout South Carolina. Each race features a unique set of obstacles that are physically and mentally challenging. The Spartan Beast was held in October, 2012. Over 3,000 participants ran 13 miles with more than 25 obstacles, including mud crawls, fire jumping, and rope climbing. When the race ends scores posted are not just best times but completion statistics and injury reports. This made us wonder; why are so many flocking to this new sport? Read More.

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Columbia Star: Is Adventure Racing the Answer?

South Carolina’s response to obesity is to create a strategic plan with layers of programs, revisions, policies, and online reporting systems. This may work for some, but a growing number of us need more than bicep curls and crunches to 5k programs; we need . . . an adventure.For thousands of South Carolinians, adventure racing is the answer. Read More. 

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