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Elise Matthews, owner of K.O.R.E. Wellness, centers her business around functional training with an emphasis on proper training form to avoid injury. As a former high school and collegiate athlete, she saw many of her fellow teammates suffering from injuries, which led her to explore how proper training can prevent injuries.

Elise has a wide variety of specialized certifications, including strength and conditioning and functional movement, that make her an expert in her field. In addition, she also specializes in the use of kettlebells, which are great pieces of equipment for functional exercise.

K.O.R.E. Wellness offers group classes for adults, but it also offers fun, effective programs for kids that incorporate functional movement into games. K.O.R.E. has created a program that is fun for the kids but also teaches them about functional movement.

Questions for Elise:

What brought you into fitness? I saw how improper form was causing injuries, and I wanted to create an environment to learn.

What inspired your kids’ program? I have a two-year-old, and it seems the only real options for kids to be active is in sports. I wanted to create a program to teach fundamental strength and movement in a fun way.

Why Columbia? I went to college here, and I love that Columbia is a developing city but also has a small town feel.

What are some words you live by? Anything less than your best is sacrificing the gift. How you do anything is how you do everything.

What is your favorite guilty snack? Any gluten free baked goods.

Do you have a funny anecdote? I don’t have any specific stories, but I find it funny when people call “kettlebells,” “kettleballs.”

Nikki’s Notes: My experience with Elise at K. O. R. E. Wellness was an absolute BLAST!! I was expecting to observe one of the kids’ group classes, but instead, I was able to participate in the games the staff uses for the kids classes. We used movements such as bear crawls and crab walks to complete various tasks with balls, rings, etc. I love how Elise has focused the program on fun and games, making the classes inclusive for all kids, not just the ones who love sports.

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