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Summer Intern, Liz Locke

This past summer I interned for Angie Wolff at Hammond. I helped her set up/conduct a strength and conditioning program for female volleyball players, cheerleaders, and tennis players in middle school to high school. This was one of the best experiences of my life, but it is hard to put into word what I got out of this experience. It was truly amazing to see how Angie could motivate these girls who had zero experience in a weight room. We started the program basically holding the girls hands, and at the end the girls knew exactly what to do. It was amazing to see not only the physical improvement but also the mental. Angie gave these athletes the confidence they needed to be the best they could be. If you ever need a personal trainer or even a confidence boost Angie’s positive life style will definitely help! Being an athlete all my life and dealing with an injury that has made me make a decision it retire, it was even more touching to learn from Angie how to positively impact younger athletes to be the best they can be.



Angie Sellers