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The antidote to Phil using antonyms

Sin can be viewed as anything that violates the ideal relationship between an individual and God. The bible lists many sins and many ways to avoid and atone for these sins. There are even seven of them that are considered deadly:  wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. I find it interesting when people speak out against "sin" using the bible as a reference tool as if they themselves are pure of heart and mind to interpret, judge and convict. 

What is my opinion on Phil and the whole Duck thing (I have never seen an episode)? It's all crap and a publicity stunt and a waste of our energy. It has completely shifted our society away from stories and conversations about happiness, generosity, industriousness, modesty, aversion, contentedness and abstinence. These are the antonyms for the sins listed above and were we to share opinions, stories and experiences using these as a template, we would be full of abundance and love.

The comments made by the duck guy have been made over and over by all kinds of people but the only fact that matters is this- Christian or not- we are not the judge or jury. Christian or not, we are to live a life full of happiness and contentment. We are to give generously. We are to be industrious. We are to be modest. We are to practice aversion and abstinence. To bask in these virtues would bring us closer to God and to one another.

We are here to love. We don't get to pick our favorite "sin" and condemn others while ignoring the personal "sins" we are currently committing behind closed doors.f

But, while I'm here let me remind you in a gentle way that God made us all mobile. God made us to lift, move and throw. To chase, build and carry.  To dig, run and play.  What are you doing to honor the body given to you? 


Angie Sellers