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Rolfing was developed by Ida Rolf, creator of the Rolf Institute. Her knowledge originated in her practice of yoga. In fact, rolfing can strengthen and deepen one’s yoga practice. Rolfing uses manual manipulation and is used to treat a wide variety of pain and injuries, including carpal tunnel, plantar fasciitis, and back, neck, and spinal pain. To many, rolfing may seem similar to massage therapy. Rolfing works directly with the fascia, which is the web of connective tissue between our skin and muscles. The fascia is connected to the brain and plays an integral role in movement patterns, posture, and proprioception, or body awareness. Therefore, working with the fascia can help correct inefficient movement patterns we have developed over time. As a holistic approach, rolfing takes into account both the mental and physical aspects of a person’s life. It is normally performed in a series of 10 sessions that build off of one another. A rolfer will analyze posture, movement patterns, and lifestyle of an individual in order to treat them properly.

Anne Marie is from Rock Hill, SC, but she attended massage school in Colorado in 1991. She did, thankfully, make it back to South Carolina. When she was exposed to rolfing, it gave her a sense of freedom and ease in the body. It was not easy, but through many trips to study in Maryland, Anne Marie became a Certified Advanced Rolfer. She has 25 years of bodywork experience and currently practices in the Forest Acres area of Columbia, SC.

Nikki’s notes: Talking and working with Anne Marie was such an eye opening experience for me. It is amazing how our posture and movement patterns in actions as simple as walking can affect our health. Anne Marie had me pace around the room so that she could get a read on my posture and how I walk. I learned just how powerful our toes can be in moving us forward in the walking motion. Much of the movement we complete on a daily basis is subconscious, and I find it extremely important to find more awareness of our own movement. 

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