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Amanda is a whirlwind of positive energy.  Her can-do attitude is contagious with everything she does. She's a wife, runner, entrepreneur, mother and more! She was raised in Sumter and has lived in the Columbia area for almost 20 years.  In keeping with her involvement in fitness and supportive nature she has also been working to grow Fitness Zone Running in Camden. This is a supportive group of runners who meet at530AM Tuesday and Thursday, 830AM on Saturday at Sunday. (For more information or to get plugged into a group that is right for you, contact Amanda, or check them out on Facebook.)

When she's not leading the Fitness Zone running group, or at a softball game supporting her daughters,  Sophie, 17 and Gracie 14 , or heading up a fundraiser; she is marketing her new product- “Bootleg Blends Salsa”. “Bootleg Blends” started as a Salsa fundraiser for her girls fast-pitch travel softball team and quickly grew with friends and family orders. She established a startup to manufacture and sell this product in 2012; all while still working full-time. An added bonus was the lessons on manufacturing, distribution and selling that her daughters were exposed to as their mom’s business took off. Because the salsa was made fresh with no preservatives she created a dry spice blend that is used to make Salsa, Dips, Marinades and many other recipes which allowed her expansion into retail markets.

This product can now be purchased online at

  • vorite local spot: Drip Coffee

  • Favorite healthy snack: Salsa and Chips ☺

  • Favorite quote: "he is Clothed in Strength and Dignity and Laughs without Fear of the Future"roverbs 31:25

  • Your fitness advice: Fitness is a Lifestyle. You have to make the choice to move every day. It’s your body. Love the one you are in.

  • Who has been your biggest inspiration? My Mom, My Grandmother

  • When did you become interested in fitness? The day I became a Mom. I wanted to show my girls they can do anything, be anything they wanted with a strong purpose. The only way to do that is to believe in yourself. You have to push your limits to see how mentally and physically strong you are. Being physically active encourages positive self talk which is vital to personal success.

  • If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be? I just encourage people to live in the moment. To live on purpose.  Be joyful.

manda is an inspiration to me because everything she does is supported with a big smile.  Amanda is ceaseless when it comes to her passions and pursuits.  Fit Columbia honors her as our September Women In Fitness because her fierce determination to stay fit right her in her community.

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